How I Found Out I’m Pregnant

To anyone who knows me they’ll know I’ve always wanted kids. I’m quite a maternal person. At the age of 16 I even decided I’d have my first kid by the time I was 24. I turned 20 and that number quickly got pushed back a couple years, and then another couple and suddenly 28 seemed like a very happy number to me.


A Tourist’s Guide to the Best Places in Melbourne

Living in Melbourne for four months, I've managed to pretty much nail the tourist thing. I'm leaving in a couple of weeks and have compiled a list (and a few pics) of where I've visited. Suggestions for rainy days, big day outs, markets, national parks...etc, so here we go..   Rainy Days Old Melbourne Gaol Melbourne… Continue reading A Tourist’s Guide to the Best Places in Melbourne


First Burlesque Show; The Empire Strips Back

Ever since seeing the film Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher, I've wanted to see a  real-life show with the lights and the music and the costumes. The film was amazing and I figured an in person experience could only be even better, right? I must admit, a Star Wars themed Burlesque show was not… Continue reading First Burlesque Show; The Empire Strips Back


Trekking Through Tasmania

For our anniversary we decided to venture out to the little island off Melbourne, called Tasmania. Yes, where the Tasmania Devil originated. I’ve already written about the joyous driving experience I went through, but this is what we actually got up to whilst there. We arrived at 10:30pm on Thursday evening. We stayed at Bendalls B&B,… Continue reading Trekking Through Tasmania


How to ‘Melbourne’

Setting up in a new country is probably the most stressful part of the whole moving process. Especially when you're moving to a country where the time-difference is 11hours from home and you can't call your mommy because she's asleep in bed and it's probably 4am. But, Melbourne surprisingly delivered, thank God. So, this is how… Continue reading How to ‘Melbourne’


Surviving the Flight

Did you know a flight from the UK to Melbourne, Australia is 23 hours and (give or take) 40 minutes? The longest flight I have ever been on prior to this was a measly 8 hour flight to Toronto, Canada. I was in no way prepared, some things this flight taught me for future flying… Continue reading Surviving the Flight