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Eloping; an Intimate Wedding and Easy on the Purse Strings.

Well I’m a month into being a married lady and I have to say… absolutely nothing has changed! Aside from my surname that is, because we did the traditional thing. But I can thankfully say, we’re also not in debt. HOW? You ask... Never fear my friend, I will tell you all.

Life, Momma Life

Travelling Alone with an Infant

  I had one hundred percent put off going back to Dublin for two reasons, 1. The money and 2. The flight. When the Jellybean was born I very much had the mentality that everyone could come to me, heck if me having a baby isn’t reason enough to come visit what is? So for… Continue reading Travelling Alone with an Infant

Life, Momma Life

10 Questions to Ask New Mum Friends

  In the past four months I have made more friends than I have in the two years I moved to this city, I wrote all about this in my Making Mum Friends post you can read here. Meeting someone for the first time can be a bit daunting. The conversation can lull and suddenly… Continue reading 10 Questions to Ask New Mum Friends

Life, Momma Life

Christmas Eve Traditions

  In 2015 after six years, D and I finally had our first Christmas together and I was all ready to begin our own Christmas Traditions. I bugged him for days about buying a Christmas tree at the start of December, then made him traipse down aisle after aisle looking at decorations, choosing what colour… Continue reading Christmas Eve Traditions


The Addams Family Musical

I had my eye on this for months but due to my impending due-date I was cautious not to buy tickets, just in case. Thankfully the little bub decided not to arrive early and on the Saturday we bought tickets for the matinée the following Sunday, in Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre. The tickets are reasonably priced… Continue reading The Addams Family Musical