Making Mum Friends

D took four weeks off work when Jellybean was born, as the days steadily ticked by I was becoming more and more aware of how little people I knew in the same position as me. Or how many people I knew in general. Unfortunately I had no childhood friends, school friends or undergrad friends around, … More Making Mum Friends

Shit Days

Parenthood and shit days go hand in hand, and if you thought any different then sorry but this is your wake up call. Unless of course you’re one of those annoying stepford-wife-robots and are completely in denial of how utterly shit your spawn can be at times. Sorry, but I’m not buying it when you … More Shit Days

Parent Your Way

First off, you don’t need to justify anything to me. I don’t know what I’m doing either, pal. There are books upon books written about parenting, so much so that if a first-time mum went searching for a bit of solace and support, she can end up feeling rather panicked at all of the conflicting advice … More Parent Your Way


It may be natural but it’s not always easy. Doing it in public, drinking alcohol, what to wear and a few things I’ve learned. Doing it in Public. Day 3 of the little one being born my aunt and uncle came to visit from London, and with a little persuasion got us out of the … More Breastfeeding

My Birth Story

It all went a bit wrong to be honest. I didn’t get the Birthing Centre in the New Forest, the water birth, the relaxing calm environment. It’s as if someone looked at my birth ‘plan’ and went “psych!” but I’ll get to that bit later. (Don’t worry, no gory details provided.) … More My Birth Story