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Eloping; an Intimate Wedding and Easy on the Purse Strings.

Well I’m a month into being a married lady and I have to say… absolutely nothing has changed! Aside from my surname that is, because we did the traditional thing. But I can thankfully say, we’re also not in debt. HOW? You ask... Never fear my friend, I will tell you all.

Life, Momma Life

Travelling Alone with an Infant

  I had one hundred percent put off going back to Dublin for two reasons, 1. The money and 2. The flight. When the Jellybean was born I very much had the mentality that everyone could come to me, heck if me having a baby isn’t reason enough to come visit what is? So for… Continue reading Travelling Alone with an Infant

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5 Tips When Visiting A Newborn

A new baby has arrived, whether it be a family member or close friend, you’re ridiculously excited to meet the new smush. Here’s the thing though, as excited as you are, that Mama who has just been through labour is tired, achy and full of hormones. I got thrown into the deep end with visitors… Continue reading 5 Tips When Visiting A Newborn