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Eloping; an Intimate Wedding and Easy on the Purse Strings.

Well I’m a month into being a married lady and I have to say… absolutely nothing has changed! Aside from my surname that is, because we did the traditional thing. But I can thankfully say, we’re also not in debt.

HOW? You ask… Never fear my friend, I will tell you all.

First, did you know the average cost of a wedding in the UK is just over £27,000? I mean are you SERIOUS? That’s a deposit on a house! We spent a grand total of £2,800. (I’ve added a breakdown of our costs further down.)

So we only had four guests, no parents – yeah that went down well. This was the most difficult decision to make, but the venue only catered for two other rooms so they kind of made it for us. I decided to only choose my couple from my UK friends, rather than subjecting myself to the horror of trying to pick between my many close friends from home.

But how did we choose the venue? I had never been to Cornwall before, so straight away that was the place to be. We did a quick google of venues that accommodated eloping, narrowed it to two and after a quick quote went with the cheapest place. Boom. Easy. The Cowshed, Freathy Farmhouse was our venue. It was a rustic converted farmhouse, with the rooms cosy, full of greenery and sweet touches like a bottle of champagne we enjoyed and a fruit basket which the Little Lady enjoyed!

D and I got to the venue the night before, and I mean night, it took us hours to get there because of traffic. With a cranky toddler in the back seat, it felt like days.


The morning of the wedding we were up early, there’s no such thing as a lie-in when you have children. We had breakfast delivered to the room, had some orange juice and champagne, walked the grounds of the venue and waited for our guests to arrive. It all felt a little surreal, but nice and very chilled.


I began to get ready three hours before the ceremony, thinking I had tonnes of time. I did my own make-up, my friend helped with my hair, the other – already glammed up – took plenty of artsy photos. I skyped my mum briefly, juggled entertaining the Little Lady, had a cream tea, stepped into the dress and all of a sudden the registrar was in the room confirming my details, taking my vows for me and telling me to come ‘when ready’. I downed a glass of champagne and after a few more not-so-candid pictures I made my way towards the ceremony area.


The ceremony took place in the converted Barn, considering we spent no money on flowers or decorations, it looked stunning with bales of hay for seating, step ladders angled into an arch which had fresh greenery around it and candles scattered about.

The little lady was waiting at the top of the aisle with D, and spent the entire ceremony moving from person to person and making it all about her, fussing for food and wanting attention. Not that I was surprised, she is always the centre of attention! The registrar even got involved by playing Peek-a-boo with her throughout our vows just to keep her entertained.

After the ceremony and a helluva lot of photos, we relaxed in the courtyard with champagne, music and nibbles. The six of us chatted merrily, Jellybean already snoozing in her pram from the hectic morning.


We had the BBQ cooked for us by the chef and had it in the converted barn, the table completely done up by the venue.


D and I made the cake the night before and it sat in my footwell of the car the entire car journey down with the aircon blasting on it, it was just about worth almost getting frostbite on my poor toes. DSC_0516

After this I felt comically over-dressed, changed into my jeans and jumper and we spent the rest of the evening loading up on wine, s’mores, playing board games with music flowing loudly.

Though I still wish I could have invited more of my friends from home, it was the most relaxed, intimate and wonderful wedding and I am truly glad we did it our way.


Breakdown of Costs

Venue: £1600

Registrar: 500

Food: 270

Dress: 150

Waistcoat: 40

Jellybean Dress: 20

Evening Snacks: 10

Alcohol: 150

Music Speaker: 60


Dress Alterations: 50 – gifted

Make-up/Hair: – I did

Cake: – homemade

Bouquet: – Mum crocheted

Rings: – Sister Jeweller

Entertainment: – board games already owned

Decorations: – went with basic from venue.

TOTAL: £2,800

My dress was from the Oxfam Charity Shop, but was brand new as it had been a sample size. D decided to wear a suit he already owned and just fancify it up with a new waistcoat. I got Jellybean’s dress off eBay – John Rocha!

There are definitely places we could have scrimped even more on, but we had a budget and I’m so glad we stuck to it. The world of weddings gets a bit intense and you find yourself wanting everything, but for this I’m so glad I stayed frugal and practical, because at the end of the day I don’t think we needed anything more than great company, tasty booze and yummy food.

Today my bank cards and new driver’s license arrived with ‘Mrs’ written on them. That’ll taken some getting used to!




7 thoughts on “Eloping; an Intimate Wedding and Easy on the Purse Strings.”

  1. Congratulations to the both of you. Your wedding photos are pretty amazing and I love how you managed your budget but still able to come up with a beautiful set up.


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