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The Adventures of a Baby Blanket

Before Jellybean was born, before we knew she was going to be a ‘she’, D was still living in Australia and happened across a shop called ‘The South African Shop.’ His interest was piqued as he was actually born in South Africa – random fact for you! Anyway, in it they were selling the most beautiful baby blankets with a pink lion on it. I was five or six months pregnant at the time and had gone back to the UK. It was a tough time for us both, but especially for him being away from me whilst carrying his first child. Buying the blanket was a way of him having something to represent the pregnancy whilst being away from me.

Fast-forward a couple of months, D comes home and I completely fell in love with the blanket too, it quickly surpassed the other blankets in rank and became the one we neatly folded in the hospital bag, awaiting Jellybean’s arrival.

Jellybean arrives and the blanket is used to keep her snug on the trip home in the car. I used it to keep her warm on walks in her pram, during her naps in the day and when I decided to go home to Dublin, it was no question of which blanket I would take.

The blanket survived the trip happily – until the journey home. On the way back, the airport experience was so much more hectic than the outward journey – as large airports are usually more manic. I had to remove Jellybean from her carrier and received no help in getting it back on at security whilst also having to hold my four month old baby. It took me three times to attempt clipping it in one-handed. I was flustered. I grabbed my bag and headed towards duty-free.

It was only after the hour-long delay, after the tired fussy-baby-meltdown and kerfuffle of getting on the plane, after I finally managed to feed Jellybean to sleep, is when I reached for her blanket and realised it wasn’t there. Images of our beloved blanket abandoned at airport security flashed through my head. People trampling all over it – dirty, unloved, forgotten.

Dramatic? Possibly. Having to endure the entire flight with a sleeping baby and no distractions meant all I thought about was how to break the news to D. How would he take it? We were as attached to the blanket as the baby was.

He took the devastating news well, I think the return of his family distracted him, but I couldn’t let it go. So I tweeted Dublin Airport, filled out a missing items form and waited hopefully.

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not even a tweet!

So there I was during nap time one morning, scrolling through my phone when I decided to find the shop online and try my luck. This was a few weeks later, but you don’t understand, I couldn’t let it go. Jellybean definitely felt the loss too. The guilt I felt, especially as D had bought it before we even knew we were having a girl.

I emailed them, like the desperate mama I am. Three days later, one Sunday morning at seven am an emailed pinged into my inbox and I literally squealed, alerting both my sleep-deprived fiance and hyper baby.

Not only did they respond, but they had ONE left. They didn’t usually send post to the UK but the lovely Jared made an exception.

About a week later there was a parcel waiting by the door for us. A parcel from Australia. Like a giddy child at Christmas I tore open the package and cuddled the neatly folded blanket, identical to the one D had bought the year before.

I undid the bow, removed the tags and immediately introduced it to Jellybean. Honestly she wasn’t that fussed. I suppose to her it was any old blanket, it didn’t have the smell and familiarity of her old one – but I’m working on that! It’s used at any opportunity now, but I don’t think we’ll be bringing it abroad again.

IMG_8376 (2)




This post was in no way endorsed by the South African Shop, I wanted to promote their lovely business after Jared went beyond the expectation of customer service. If you want to check out their business, here is their facebook page and their website.



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16 thoughts on “The Adventures of a Baby Blanket”

  1. I completely understand this. My son (who is now 6) is attached to his baby blanket. If it ever gets misplaced, we’re in deep trouble!


  2. I love when companies or employees go over and beyond to satisfy customers and that’s how it should be. Thanks for sharing.


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