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Three in the Bed

And the little one says roll over.

Or she pushes me over. Somehow. Or I just instinctively move away and give her space but she moves closer to me. Either way, I’ve woken up with my back up against the nightstand one too many times! It is time to get her out.

I wrote a post about bed sharing a while ago and how it works for our little family, and it did – still does, but our bed is just too small now for the three of us. It is not uncommon for me to fall asleep early with the Jellybean and by the time D comes into the bedroom I’m very definitely on his side fast asleep. He has resorted to a night on the couch a couple times because he didn’t want to wake me.

We tried her crib over the Christmas break. We wanted her to get used to it and put her in there every morning for an hour to entertain herself while we got a little more sleep. But our silly mistake was giving her a toy, so suddenly it was a play area. After when I tried to put her down in it whilst she was napping she would stir, open her eyes a fraction, realise where she was and suddenly be wide awake because she thought it was play time.

So, what to do? Because buying a bigger bed was not an option.

May I introduce you to the Babybay!


(I received this product free of charge but all thoughts and opinions are my own, please see my disclaimer page for more info)

I was so incredibly excited about the arrival of this gem. The real benefit? I assembled the entire thing myself during nap time! It took me less than twenty minutes and that included reading the instructions three or four times. It’s real wood and as you can see from the photos, it’s sturdy, so I have no qualms about her safety while she’s in it.

This marvellous invention clamps onto the side of the bed, so it’s level to your mattress (the height is adjustable) and the little bub is right there in arms reach. But in her own space. Essentially it promotes co-sleeping the easier way, without me having to encroach on D’s side or half-falling off the bed. I’ve loved having Jellybean in the bed, but she’s over six months old now and she’s starting to wiggle around a bit more. Every night I stuffed my maternity pillow between the nightstand and bed for fear she would roll off the bed. The Babybay eliminates that worry completely.



I introduced Jellybean to the crib in the day, she was intrigued and happily sat in it for a couple of minutes. Later on I let her fall asleep during a feed and transitioned her to the Babybay. She stirred slightly, saw I was still next to her and closed her eyes, she napped for two hours! Her first night she lasted until 3am, I gave up at 5am and snuggled her in next to me, but persevered the next night. She’s steadily lasting a little longer each night but because we’re practising a gentle transition it will take a little while, which I’m okay with.

I know at six months some parents already have or are starting to move their little one into their own room, but I really don’t think we’re ready for that. The Babybay allows us to co-sleep comfortably for another little while and I guess we’ll see about slowly transitioning her to the crib after that.

And if another one comes along I’ll be using the Babybay from the get-go!

If you are interested in this amazing product, head over to their website and have a look at the range of different styles you can get, click here

23 thoughts on “Three in the Bed”

  1. What a great product! I never slept with my babies – not even in the same room apart from at the hospital. Really it was due to them being such noisy sleepers lol the both of them ! I couldnt sleep it was crazy so after 2 nights at home with them I shipped them into their own room into a cot. They slept wonderfully and so did I lol However I love this idea so great and safe 🙂

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  2. We had a bigger bassinet in our bedroom that my youngest was in the first 6 months or so. She would start in there during the night and would snuggle with me during the early morning hours.


      1. It is! My youngest is now almost two. She starts in her crib for the night. Sometimes she’s in her bed the whole night and other nights she comes in the middle of our bed.


  3. I did this with our fourth baby by using her crib. 🙂 Worked great. I called it “sidecar co-sleeping,” lol. I removed the side rail and then secured the crib to our bed by using bungee cords under the box spring.


  4. This looks amazing! I wish I had this right now! Getting the baby out of the bassinet is a lot more work when it’s every couple of hours throughout the night. This would make night feedings a breeze!


  5. I have always wonder d about these since we also co slept when our little one was small.. I’m gonna have to look into this for baby number two!


    1. I adore cosleeping so much, but she’s such a wriggler and it was starting to effect my sleep, I felt this was the best compromise as I’m so not ready for her to be in her own cot yet!


  6. Wow that is sooo cool. I wish I’d had one for my babies! We love to cosleep but sometimes the logistics are difficult. This looks like a lifesaver. On my list for baby number 5 (and I’m not even kidding everyone in my family is like come on lets have a baby and I’m like….adoption?).


  7. I wish this was around when my children were babies. Will share with my friends who have babies. This is such a safer alternative to having babies sleeping between the parents.


  8. I wish we thought about this crib before . Sharing this to some of my friends who have little one. Thank you for this post.


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