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Very Important Parents


Maternity leave is an odd time of my life and I’m sure I’m going to look back on it and marvel at how I was able to spend months at home with my little Jellybean going to classes, for walks, spending some days at home and meeting other mum friends.

I have days where she is off and just wants to be held or refuses to nap and then gets over-tired, I’ve mentioned all this in an older post called Shit Days, and one remedy is to get out. Just get out of the house.

But getting out of the house can get expensive with the classes and impromptu coffee dates, which is why I want to tell you about this wonderful card currently available to Mums and Dads in Hampshire. The Very Important Parents card. The VIP card.

This card gets you a discount all over Hampshire. From coffee shops, restaurants, baby classes, beauty salons, car maintenance and photography… the list goes on. Not all are small businesses, fancy a night off cooking – a Domino’s pizza anyone?

Not a mum or dad yet? No problem, the card actually includes a discount for the Daisy Birthing classes too. You check out the full range of discounts, you will find something that interests you, even if it is a yoga class or insurance.

I’m one of those people who cringes badly at awkward encounters with people, and one fear was I’d have to explain what the card was. I’ve used it myself across Southampton in the last week and thankfully it’s been received warmly by everyone. All I had to do was flash it or mention it in an email (I was inquiring about a baby class) and there was no fuss, the discount was added immediately.

(I received this product free of charge but all thoughts and opinions are my own, please see my disclaimer page for more info)

So between the range of businesses involved, the ease of use and how it’s received why on earth wouldn’t you get this card? Make your maternity leave a little easier on the bank account, after all every discount helps. Did I mention it’s only £19.99 too, less than the cost of a Domino’s!

The link to buy one is right here.

Let me know if you get one or if you’ve already bought one and what your experience of using it was.






6 thoughts on “Very Important Parents”

  1. I’m a business partner with My VIP Card! A card holder can receive 10% off with me at Sophie Wheeler Photography 🙂 It’s such a fab idea, with so many businesses involved! For Dominos alone it’s well worth it 😋 👍🏼


  2. I have never heard of this card before! What a wonderful idea for parents 🙂 I wish we had this card available where I live! Maybe we have something similiar.


  3. My maternity leave was the most difficult time of my life but I still remember those sleepness nights and would like to again live those days.


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