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2018 Will Never Beat 2017

2017 was one of the busiest years of my life, I didn’t set myself any goals or resolutions but I can safely say it has been the most incredible, educational, challenging, rewarding year so far.

Best moments of 2017 (chronologically);

– Ringing in the New Year in Australia! 


– Doing the Great Ocean Road in one day. 


– 1,000 Steps Walk.

– Baby Shower in Dublin.


– My birthday at Arundel Castle

Addams Family Musicalat nine months pregnant

Jellybean being born – the big one! 

2017-08-10 006

– Handing in my dissertation for my Masters degree.

– Jellybean learning to smile, giggle, roll… etc

– My Graduation.

25353620_10155020974644147_7203907028237478202_n (2)

First Christmas with the Jellybean.


It has been an incredible year with a couple lows but huge highs. Becoming a mother has been life changing and at times incredibly difficult, but I can’t imagine not having my little girl. Even through the sleepless nights, tough days and fussy stages, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m excited to see what the next year brings, to watch her develop and become even more aware of the world around her.

It may seem a little negative to say this year won’t live up to last year, but I don’t plan on getting married until 2019 and I definitely don’t plan on getting pregnant again just yet! I’ve no resolutions for this year but to continue trying my best to be a good mother to my little one, taking care of myself, keeping social and staying active. Well maybe one resolution – learn to accept my new body and be proud of what it’s achieved.

So 2018, let’s be having you, you’ve a heck of a year to compete with!

PS. All of my favourite adventures from Australia are in my ‘A Tourists Guide to Melbourne’ post, link here!

19 thoughts on “2018 Will Never Beat 2017”

  1. You’ve had so much happen and have accomplished so much in 2017! Congratulations! We also have big plans to head to Melbourne so I’m checking out that post too. Thanks!


  2. I’ve heard so many people complaining about how awful 2017 was. I’m so happy to see yours was great. Sounds like you had a lot of great adventures, parenthood being the best! Congrats!


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