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Baby’s First Christmas


She’s four months old and people kept asking ‘what are you getting her for Christmas?’ Well nothing actually, but turns out the little Jellybean was spoiled despite her horrible parents not buying her a gift – we did have to buy all of her gear before she got here six months ago, remember.


I have always wanted an ornament on the tree with my name on it, it doesn’t quite count if you make it yourself at home. At one of my baby groups I had the opportunity to get Jellybean’s foot imprinted onto a bauble and I just couldn’t help myself. I did toy with the idea of getting one for each grandparent, but really they were a bit pricey and I’m only on maternity pay.


My friend from uni also bought Jellybean an ornament and got her name on it too, I loved this as her name is quite unique and she probably won’t ever find it on a key-chain.


For some reason my family don’t give the ‘adults’ presents, I’ve never really questioned it until this year when my status of a grandchild was suddenly bumped to ‘mum’ and Jellybean became the centre of attention. D and I had a feeling this would happen, so we very selfishly got absolutely nothing for the little mite and slightly spoiled each other instead. We figured this was the beginning of Christmas becoming less about us and more about the little one, so why not? Besides, the amount of presents that got sent Jellybean’s way – she was utterly spoiled. And rightfully so. Not to mention the hordes of presents D’s mum arrived with when she came to stay with us over the festive period. Between new clothes, toys, books and shoes, our family and friends really showed off for her first Christmas.

Christmas Day

It was a long night so I was the first awake of the three of us at 8am. I guarantee that’ll be the last year I’m the first up on Christmas morning! We were very civilized and got to the presents about an hour later. D and I focused on Jellybean’s, as she was gifted a jumperoo I was eager to set it up and get her into it to give us time to open our own presents.

Jellybean is in a ‘grabby’ stage where all she wants to do is feel and grab anything she can get her hands on; my hair, D’s throat, the table… you name it, she wants her hands all over it. So wrapping paper seemed like a great idea, we helped her grab onto a piece and tear it off. She looked awfully perplexed about the whole thing!


We made a quick trip to mass, had a walk around the local park and back home again, a couple of films later and with booze in almost every drink – those brandy hot chocolates from my last post; Christmas Eve Traditions, went down a treat! It was a lovely day all in all and I really can’t wait until next year when Jellybean is a little more aware and the magic of Christmas gets bigger.

How were your Christmases? Anyone else’s firsts?

11 thoughts on “Baby’s First Christmas”

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful First Christmas! That first year is so special in so many ways. I feel like as my children get older, I enjoy the holidays more and more as I can watch their joy and amusement.

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  2. I remember buying so many gifts for my little guys first Christmas but he was only 11 months old and really didn’t need anything ! He was more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes than the toys 😂

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