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Christmas Eve Traditions


In 2015 after six years, D and I finally had our first Christmas together and I was all ready to begin our own Christmas Traditions. I bugged him for days about buying a Christmas tree at the start of December, then made him traipse down aisle after aisle looking at decorations, choosing what colour scheme we would go for and the tinsel or no-tinsel debate. I’m a no-tinsel girl, FYI. Christmas is a big deal to me, I’ve always loved this time of year. Though all my family (for the most part) live in the one area, I loved seeing them and spending the day with them. So I was eager to start Christmas off on the right foot in my new life in England. So here we go!

Opening One Present Early

When I was seven, I was given new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and was allowed to wear them to bed that night. I was so excited to be able to open and one of my presents early, it just added to the magic of Christmas! So D and I decided every year we would buy each other a new set of pyjamas and wear them on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning when opening our presents.

Last year we spent Christmas in Australia, so all of the decorations we had carefully picked out the year before were suffocated in a storage unit during the festive season. As I was also ten weeks pregnant things were a little different (on the alcohol side of things) than the previous year but Christmas is my favourite times of year, I was determined not to let the pyjama tradition end so soon and D obligingly bought me Cookie Monster pyjamas, slightly bigger so they would fit me all through my pregnancy.

Hot Chocolate and Brandy


You’re sitting there in your new pyjamas, the tree is all lit up and you have an old school Christmas movie on the television – what’s missing? A hot drink, hot chocolate to be more precise, and with a dash (or two) of brandy to sweeten it up. We’re a big fan of dark chocolate, so we melt down the hot chocolate, usually bought especially for this time of year, add the milk and brandy to the pot and pour into our designated hot chocolate mugs. The result is bliss.

Chocolate Log

In our home, Christmas isn’t officially over until the Chocolate Log is finished, so I guess Christmas begins when the Chocolate Log is made which is Christmas Eve. It is D’s job to make it and the kitchen is usually turned upside-down by the time he’s done, but the result is magnificent and it takes every ounce of me not to eat it right away.

Food Prep

Brussel Sprouts; yay or nay? I used to be a healthy nay, until one year my mother concocted a recipe including pine nuts and lardons and suddenly she had me hooked, so I’ve stolen that little recipe from her.

This year we’re carrying on a tradition from D’s family, his grandmother’s recipe for croquettes. An interesting recipe with instructions including vague measurements such as ‘three quarters block of cheese’!

I’ve also got the veggies for the soup roasting in the oven as I type this up. I’m adamant to give myself as much of a break on Christmas day, so all I’ve got to do is whip up the actual main course – sounds a lot easier said than done eh?

Advent Calendar

This isn’t so much a Christmas Eve tradition, as it is just a general Christmas time tradition. We buy the advent calendar for two from Hotel Chocolat, disappointingly it ends on Christmas Eve (I always think there should be one for Christmas Morning!) so really it kick starts our day of traditions.

As we now have the little Jellybean I know our few traditions will probably change as she gets older and Santa Claus is introduced. I still remember my own dad reading The Night Before Christmas to me every year with the fire lit, and a pint of Guinness and carrot next to the chimney for Santa and his reindeer.

It still baffles me that I was only ten weeks pregnant last Christmas and now my little one is four and a half months old. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

What are your Christmas Traditions? Have you any Christmas Eve exclusive ones? Let me know!!

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  1. Hope you read the night before Christmas to Eira on christmas eve and that you’ll keep that tradition up! 🤶🏻🎅🏻🌲😘😘

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