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Social Media Parent Acronyms

“The OH brought DD2 to MIL’s, we are BLW DD2 but when he’s there he TW.” I’m sorry – WHAT? 


Exactly my thoughts when I joined the online parent community. I mentioned in a post how social media benefited me during those first few weeks at home with a baby, I read all the threads religiously learning some really crucial advice from people. The first thing however, was understanding what in the hell they were saying. I was in a very big post labour fog which didn’t help things either, but it took what felt like a really long time to figure out the parent ‘code’. 

I have no idea why people write like this, to me it adds another obstacle for an exhausted new mother or father. However it’s an established thing so instead of complaining about it here’s the quick guide I wish I had to help you understand it.


DH = Darling HusbandDC

OH = Other Half
DC = Darling Child

DD = Darling Daughter 

DS = Darling Son 

DD2 = Darling Daughter 2 (DS3 = Darling Son 3 … etc )

LO = Little One
MIL = Mother in Law (F/B/SIL = Father/brother/sister in law)

CC = Controlled Crying

CIO = Crying It Out


SAHM = Stay at Home Mum

FTM = First Time Mum


RF = Rear Facing

FF = Forward Facing


EBF = Exclusively Breastfeeding 

EBM = Expressed Breastmilk 

BF = Breast Feeding 

NAK = Nursing At Keyboard
BLW = Baby Led Weaning
TW = Traditional Weaning


PP = Post Partum

TTC = Trying To Conceive


OT = Off Topic

NBR = Not Baby Related

TIA = Thanks in Advance 

‘Bump’ = People will do this to bump your query if they don’t have an answer but don’t want it to get lost amongst the other comments. There are many more out there but these are the main ones, once you know them it’s much easier to speed through social media and become an expert yourself!

Did you know there was a secret online parent code? Or did you struggle with it when you were introduced to the online parent forums? I’m very curious to know if it was just me!

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