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Minimalism | The Weekend Challenge |


Some might say minimalism and having children don’t mix well. My sixteen week old does have a ridiculous amount of fluffy toys considering all she’s interested in is the budget-rattle I made of uncooked pasta and rice in a plastic bottle, but I digress.

I’ve been reading up on minimalism with a family and we’ve drastically cut down on the clutter in our home, in every room that is, but the kitchen. I love cooking gadgets. Two years ago for Christmas my mother sent me a collection of purple kitchen gadgets and I squealed. I hardly need mention I obviously love to cook, so the kitchen was out of the question. I had done my bit and went through the Tupperware but that was it. I was not reducing our crockery, cutlery, utensils or gadgets.

That being said, I might be at home a lot more in the day, but it doesn’t mean the house chores get done. I’m just going to throw in here that having a baby is a full time job.

The dishes had been piling up for a couple of days so we had had another ‘discussion’ about how much of a state the place was and I wished for the millionth time that we had a dishwasher.

D jokingly, or not I’m still not sure, suggested we should each use one of every dish – one plate, side plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, glass and cup.

So naturally, I challenged us, one of everything for the entire weekend. I love nothing more than a challenge, despite my tendency to usually fail at them.

I told some friends of the challenge and they rightly thought we were bonkers. What if we had a screaming baby and were in desperate need of a glass of water or slice of toast but our glass or plate was in another room, what would I do? Go grab it and clean it one handed? I clearly hadn’t thought this through. What were we thinking indeed…


Morning; I set out all the dishes allocated to us for the weekend. It’s going fine until I have to hand express some milk for the Jellybean to mix her infant gaviscon with. My glass has water in it and I only need 5mls so instead of using the electric pump I grab the glass for D and squirt some in there. Pretty gross right? Just another perk of the glamorous mommy life I live these days. So technically I fail because I use D’s glass – but surely we have some slack when it comes to the Jellybean right? Err, sure.

Lunch; Simple! Use the plates, no restriction on kitchen utensils.

Evening; Of course I didn’t wash up the plates after lunch so have to do that, the only thing with this one of everything thing means washing up happens a bit more often, not sure if I’m using more or less water though.

Post-dinner; Firstly, you’re lying if you don’t have a post-dinner snack. I grab the two side plates, give them a quick rinse and towel them off. Washing a couple of plates sounds easy, but when your time is limited because your 16 week old is crying for attention all I want to do is grab a clean one from the cupboard and get back to playing with her.


Morning; I make breakfast, D plays with Jellybean. Last nights dinner seemed to use every utensil we have! I don’t wash them, for fear of missing out on family time. I’m feeling confident despite the little pile next to the sink.
‘We should try extend this for the week,’ I suggest way too optimistically. An extra glass is allowed for mixing Jellybean’s gaviscon.

Lunch; We’re out to family for lunch. No dishes needed! Jellybean has been fussy and crying with teething pain/acid reflux so stress levels are rising.

Evening; No dishes from the night before have been cleaned, they all seem to be needed for dinner now. I’m over it, challenge-aborted. Fresh plates used.


The idea of only using one dish and minimalising your crockery and cutlery sounds like a great idea but realistically I don’t have enough time to be washing up everything when I need to use it, or just after I have. Minimalism and babies don’t not go hand in hand, but I’m sceptical on the kitchen aspect. I suppose it would be easier if we got rid of the excess dishes rather than having them tempting me in the cupboard – I’m not sure what we would do when we have visitors around though.

Regarding my wardrobe however, I have definitely benefited from trimming it down and I will write a post on that!



23 thoughts on “Minimalism | The Weekend Challenge |”

  1. I love hearing everyone’s thoughts on minimalism here. During my current move, I am literally living out of bags for about a month and a half. It really makes you think about what you actually need opposed to all of the things you own.


  2. Since January I have been on a minimalism journey. For our kitchen, I’ve kept 4 plates, bowls and side plates. There are 2 adults and a toddler in our home. This allows a little flexibility, like the teeniest amount. If guests are coming, time to break out the paper plates lol.

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      1. I have cut them down but there is still a lot. In my home chances are people will pop in for tea/coffee or some kinda drink. Not many come and have food. We have kept about 10 of each. Realistically we need to cut down.


  3. This is such a great post and from ur perspective from trying to attempt minimalizing but ur right it has to be tough to do. With kids or guests and family over their is no chance my home could make it. But always great to try new things.

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