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Sleep Routine * 3 months *


Friday night we bit the bullet and decided to start a sleep routine for the Jellybean. She will be 3 months next week and it seemed her nodding off whenever suited her just wasn’t going to fly for much longer with her unpredictably sleeping from 4 to 6 hours in one go. I need my sleep too dammit!
Health professionals recommend not to begin a sleep routine before 6 weeks, so of course we doubled that time because she’s a spoiled little Madam.
As it was a last minute decision we started late at 7:45pm with a bath. Ideally we would start at 7:00pm with a feed first – as I’ve read associating feeding with sleep is not ideal – a bath, a bedtime story, a lullaby, stick on the white noise and let the rocking to sleep commence.


It took us two hours start to finish to put her down. She lasted five minutes. So back in we went, shushing and rocking for thirty minutes until she was very definitely, one hundred percent asleep. I have never moved so cautiously and slowly, placing her into the bed, keeping my hands on her as she stirred, then slowly lifting them away. I stared at her so hard I’m amazed she couldn’t sense it.


By 10pm we were in front of the TV with wine. We managed to get through an entire episode of Sherlock on Netflix, we didn’t just ignore her, we checked on her every half an hour to make sure she was fine but she hadn’t even stirred! It was odd though, part of me was just waiting for the cry. I was so on edge and ready to jump up and run to her the second I heard her – but it never came. Slowly, I began to relax and spend the time with D as a couple for the first time in 3 months. We marvelled at how we were able to actually sit next to each other and congratulated ourselves with some dark chocolate (which D had made the week before. Very talented chap my guy is.) When the episode ended we chatted for a bit but honestly it all felt a bit – odd. At nearly midnight we climbed into bed and she didn’t wake up again until 1am for her next feed.

I have been getting better at putting her down for naps during the day rather than letting her sleep on me all of the time, but it’s hard during the week if I have no plans and there’s the threat of her waking up. So I was in shock, simply amazed she had slept so well on the first go.

Had I been spoiling her for too long? Letting her dictate her own routine? Could I  have started one earlier? Probably.
I really thought it would go so much worse. However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, we did stupidly start it on Guy Fawkes weekend. Though we did the routine on Saturday and Sunday the fireworks kept waking her up we just gave up. There was no point in persisting when she was visibly wide awake, we knew we were just wasting our time. Hopefully tonight goes a bit better, fingers crossed!

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