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First Trimester in Australia

Here’s a tip. Don’t get pregnant in a hot country.

Unless of course you’re from a hot country and then by all means go ahead. But I’m not. I’m used to a bit of wind, mostly cold weather and a heck of a lot of rain. Melbourne in December and January don’t exactly tick those boxes – correction, they tick these boxes, but they also throw in mid-thirty degree heat. Warm rain is a bizarre thing to experience.

To be fair my first trimester went pretty smoothly which wasn’t so hard considering for half of it I was completely unaware I was pregnant. But then I became aware. Very aware. And the heat would knock me sideways. I’d get up in the morning and be back in bed by midday for a two hour nap. I would be all jazzed to go for a lengthy walk on the beach and ten minutes under the baking sun, I’d be so drained of energy I just wanted to stay in a little patch of shade all day. It was crazy!

I’m pretty sure I drove Darren bonkers constantly moping about how tired I was when he had to get up and go to work every morning, but I was pregnant. I was allowed. I didn’t  really let myself get away with that for very long though, we were in Australia and dammit we were going to go and see Australia.

16106015_10154147062244147_3391357809701030370_nOne of the best experiences I had out there was the 1,000 steps walk we did. It was tough, the main walk took us about two hours from top to bottom. I was knackered but we decided to stay and do another route, as it had taken us two hours to get there we were going to make it a full day affair. The second route was called the ‘ramblers trail’, it was supposedly only fifteen minutes long, but of course we came across a nature trail that we were all too curious about and extended it by an extra ninety minutes. It was thick with hundreds of trees, rich forest smells and wild animals rustling around us. I felt so calm and serene walking through that forest, the noise of everyone else had melted away to just the animals and the creaking of tall trees.

It was a huge battle between my stubbornness and the pure exhaustion of my body for that ninety minutes on whether we would turn back. We had been walking longer than anticipated but nope, we persevered and I was so damn proud when we reached the main ground again. Knackered, but proud.

I really didn’t want to leave but my energy was on its last legs. I was so happy I had convinced myself to go, despite the exhaustion I felt on the bus home!

The one thing I was mostly worried about was food. I love food. It’s quite a common thing for me to wake up and already start planning what to have for dinner. So when I found out I was pregnant I hoped to God my tastes weren’t going to be effected. Oh how unhappy I was soon to be.

Chocolate and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember, so when Darren arrived home one evening in December and surprised me with a bar of Lindt Salted Caramel chocolate I was ecstatic. I ripped open the foil and shoved a piece into my mouth so fast it took me a minute to realise it tasted… odd. It was horrible. I nearly spat it out. I was horrified. That was the beginning of my fallout with my once best friend. I sound dramatic, of course I do. But this is chocolate we’re talking about.achocolate

As a Christmas present Darren organised for us to go to a chocolate making class and I was excited but apprehensive I would be turned off by just the smell (don’t worry I wasn’t). The class was great, we learned the history of cocoa beans and the entire process of how to make chocolate, we learned how to temper chocolate, mould it, fill it with ganache and by the end of the class went home with a full box each.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the class and it was a great experience, but by the time I left Australia at the end of January, my box of chocolates still had the ribbon tied around it, completely untouched.

Thankfully when I got back to the UK at the beginning of my second trimester the odd distaste for chocolate seemed to dissipate and you’ll be happy to know we’re friends again (phew!).

The second major food change was cheese. Especially during Christmas, it’s the best time for some cheese and crackers, but nope, you’re not allowed have any soft cheese during pregnancy because of the bacteria called listeria in it. That was a killer. Especially when going out for food, do you know how many restaurants serve pasta and pizza dishes with soft cheese? A LOT. I had to be so flipping careful it made eating out a little annoying and to really only trust the food I cooked myself, which the bank account liked but my love for food not so much.

Obviously the main thing you give up when pregnant is alcohol. I’m not a huge drinker these days, I already mentioned in my last post that I was happily drinking wine (unknowingly!) in my first few weeks but coming off it completely was never an issue. I didn’t really want it. We went to a tapas bar in Melbourne CBD one day and Darren ordered a glass of white wine and claimed it was probably one of the best whites he had ever had. What a dick. I glared at him. He offered me a sip, I mean really what was one sip going to do? But I wasn’t interested, I didn’t really need or want to taste it so I just didn’t. I’m also not a smoker so I didn’t have that problem either.

And finally, morning sickness. A lot of women have to deal with this in their first trimester and I’m sorry to say, I wasn’t really one of them. I maybe got sick three or four times, but it was an odd form of morning sickness. In the morning when I woke up, if I didn’t eat within about forty minutes my stomach would suddenly become ravenous. I felt that hollow hunger and if I didn’t act fast, bam. I’d be retching over the toilet, but not much was coming up – because I obviously hadn’t eaten yet. Throwing up bile first thing in the morning was not fun. It didn’t take long for me to figure out it was my body telling me to eat, it was only trying to make sure the little Jellybean inside me was being taken care of which was fair enough. I’ve read a lot of women claiming they would get nauseous around the smell of things they weren’t supposed to be eating too, so maybe it’s just a primal way of our bodies trying to protect the little thing inside us.

Pregnancy is weird how it completely takes over your body and I know for a lot of people the first trimester can be really tough, but I really feel like I got off lightly. Now let’s just hope the rest of the pregnancy goes that way. I’m happily chilled at about 21/22 weeks at the moment, feeling little kicks every day and not too fat yet, but I heard the third trimester can be a real bitch…

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