Postcards from Tasmania

Update: I’m engaged! Yes, really!

You know how you don’t tell your family you’re engaged? Send them a postcard. Guess what we did? Exactly that. Yes, I’m a little shit, I know. I’m also a MASSIVE chicken, but hey, I’M ENGAGED. WE’RE ENGAGED. Everyone knows (and if you didn’t, now you do!). Wooohoooo!

We actually have been since the 6th November, but onto the postcards. I’ll set the scene.

Tasmania, on the plane back to Melbourne, two hours post-engagement, Kat slightly freaking out her mother will murder her.

 Kat: Who are we going to tell first?
 Darren: I don't know...
 Kat: How are we gonna tell them?
 Darren (joking): Let's just add it into the postcard
 Darren: Wait, what?
 Kat: Yes! Let's do that!
 Darren: No, I was joking!
 Kat: It's perfect!
 Darren: Oh no.

And the rest was history… (yes I take full blame)


Some of my favourite lines are probably;
‘Sit. Maybe have a drink. Or two.’
‘Yes, she cried.’
‘Hope this wasn’t too much of a shock (after 7 years..)’
‘Sorry we didn’t tell you, I’m sure you’ll have a talk ready for him when we get back.’

I’m not going to get into the details because that’s just too much info and who really cares? But here are a few sickeningly cute photos we took.



The ring

So there you go! We’re engaged! Now you know. Enjoy the rest of your day.

As incredibly mature adults we also celebrated with lindt hot chocolate and a few treats. Mmmmmh.


Ps. Sorry fam.





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