Trekking Through Tasmania

For our anniversary we decided to venture out to the little island off Melbourne, called Tasmania. Yes, where the Tasmania Devil originated. I’ve already written about the joyous driving experience I went through, but this is what we actually got up to whilst there.

We arrived at 10:30pm on Thursday evening. We stayed at Bendalls B&B, which was an 1800s building and decorated as such. Karen and Roger ran the B&B, retired and eager to share their local history with us. We didn’t see them much, but they were great and I recommend anyone to stay with them. The breakfast they provided included a homemade jam which was gorgeous too!

Day 1:
Our first full day, the Friday, we got up early and decided to go visit Mount Wellington. The tallest mountain on the island and one we had a direct view from the veranda of the B&B.


Here’s a lovely dopey picture of me, this was actually taken when we got back, so I’m surprised I’m still smiling.

We did things a little differently and drove to the top of the mountain first. It had a lot of narrow roads and steep bends but it was only when we got out of the car I realised just how high we were. And the wind at the top! I thought it was going to carry me off the mountain, it was insane. We were recommended to bring a lot of layers, so we threw them on and off we went. Darren (the boyfriend) carried the bag of supplies and I got off light with just having the camera to look after.

I’m sure many of you have been on a hike before, so I’m just going to throw up a few pics for you all to see just how beautiful it was. Naturally the camera didn’t pick up just how gorgeous it was. Met lovely people along the way and some nut jobs who were doing it barefoot!

We went for dinner that night in the Winston House, in New Town. Darren ordered the Winston Burger, it arrived in a dog bowl, between two belgium waffles and included deep-fried bacon… yep. He actually finished it too… I had the veggie burger. The onion rings were also really good and massive!

Day 2:
Day two was probably our busiest day. We started by going to Salamanca Market, which was super busy but really cool.

dsc_2210It wasn’t the warmest of days, Tasmania as an island is a lot cooler than the mainland of Australia, which is why there are a lot of jackets going on in this pic.

That’s Mt Wellington in the back, snow-topped! So we were glad we didn’t put it off on the first day.

After the market we went for a gander along the pier, we were recommended by our housemate to go to Fish Frenzy, so here is a really attractive picture of me eating. Damn camera.


After this we went to the Museum of Old and New Art (another recommendation). It was… interesting. There was one room dedicated to human skin and putting it on other animals, a sculpture of two deers made out of mopeds, another room dedicated to sex and how women have been sexualised through the ages. It was interesting and luckily, because we went on the day the new exhibition opened (On the Origin of Art) the tickets which were usually $28 were free! Woopee!

After this we went for a drive to Devil’s Kitchen and Tasman’s Arch and the Tessellated Pavements.

Day 3:
Our last day in Tasmania!

Like any good Sunday we stayed in bed late and changed our plans to go visit Wineglass Bay, it was over a two and a half hour journey just to get there and we had a flight to catch that night. I wasn’t really feeling it to be honest! So we hung out at the B&B until 10am, went for a little gander around Hobart city centre and then went to the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallary (I like Museums, if you hadn’t already guessed that).

As a book enthusiast (c’mon, my degree is literally based around reading) I was disgusted and amazed at these hanging from the ceiling.

We then chilled out by the pier for about three hours and then drove back to the airport.

It was amazing. If ever you’re in Melbourne and have a weekend free, don’t think twice, just go do it do it do it!

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