Surviving the Flight

Did you know a flight from the UK to Melbourne, Australia is 23 hours and (give or take) 40 minutes? The longest flight I have ever been on prior to this was a measly 8 hour flight to Toronto, Canada. I was in no way prepared, some things this flight taught me for future flying (and the dreaded flight home).

the ‘goodbye’ picture sent to family. notice the innocent happy face.
  1. A 24 hour flight, are you sure this is a good idea?
  2. Do NOT pick the window seat, you will be trapped there while the chap sitting in the aisle snoozes for practically the whole thing.
  3. Super obvious, but you’re sitting on a plane for 24hours, wear something comfortable and bring layers. Planes get cold!
  4. Bring a pair of fluffy socks, you can thank me later.
  5. Also bring your own ear/head phones, again, thank me later. The airline will give you some but I’m pretty sure they’re the source of tinnitus.
  6. Pack a book, or two. Staring at a screen for so long will hurt your eyes, and your ears from the headphones.
  7. A deck of cards.
  8. Pen and paper. Pen is important for those declaring slips, but you never know when you’re going to want to write something down. I use this as a general life-rule anyway.
  9. A bottle of water – bought after security.
  10. Ear-plugs, if you’re one of those lucky people who can sleep on a plane (everyone hates you), these are a definite must.
  11. Don’t be afraid to ask a parent to stop their child from kicking the back of your seat. (I was.)
  12. Get one of those neck pillows (seen in picture above), or something you can scrunch into a ball, the flimsy air plane ones don’t cut it.
  13. Snacks. More snacks. The airline should feed you, but snacks will be required to get you through this tough time.

For my flight we had to stop off in Dubai for an hour to refuel, I’ve never felt so groggy and gross walking through an airport. You would think with my generation happily binging Netflix all day, a 24hour flight would be a breeze, I was sadly disappointed. Bathroom breaks had to be masterfully planned, my own naps too, because who wants to miss food time? And the constant noise of the engine was enough to drive me bonkers.

I have to admit the plane food was not that bad at all, but I was still happy when we landed!

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